Market Attendance for Sat, Jul 21 2018

Union Square Greenmarket, New York
Open year-round, 8 am - 6 pm, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat
Map for Saturdays (PDF)

Who's in today

Andrew's Local Honey
Raw Honey Varieties, NYC Rooftop Honey & Bee Products
Anthony Road Wine
Ardith Mae Farm
Goat Cheese
Beer and Spirits Pop-Up
Local Farm Breweries and Distilleries selling products made with local ingredients.
Berkshire Berries
Raw Honey, NYC Rooftop Honey, Maple Syrup & Jams
Beth's Farm Kitchen
Pickled Goods, Jams & Chutneys
Binder Farm
Potted Plants, Vegetable starters, Herbs, & Flowers
Blue Oyster Cultivation
Cultivated Mushrooms
Body & Soul
Vegan Baked Goods. Gluten-free options
Breezy Hill Orchard
Orchard Fruit, Hard Cider & Baked Goods
Bulich Mushroom Co.
Cultivated Mushrooms
Caradonna Farms
Vegetables & Orchard Fruits
Cato Corner Farm
Cow's Milk Cheeses
Catskill Merino
Sheep's wool & lamb meat.
Chateau Renaissance
Wine & Sparkling Wine from the Finger Lakes
Cherry Lane Farms
Vegetables & Berries
Composting by LESEC
Collecting Food Scraps & Selling Soil Mix
D'Attolico's Organic
Veggies, Fruit
Deep Mountain Maple
Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Syrup Products
Duva Farm
Cut Flowers
Eckerton Hill Farm
Heirloom Tomatoes
Fantastic Gardens
Potted plants & herbs
Fantasy Fruit Farm
TriStar Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries
Flying Pigs Farm
Heritage pasture-raised Pork products, chicken & eggs
Furnace Creek Farm
Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Tisane
Gorzynski Ornery Farm
Veggies, Fruit
Grazin' Angus Acres
Grassfed beef, heritage pork, pastured chicken & eggs
Grazin' Spirits
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Greenmarket Regional Grains Project
Whole grains, flour, beans, pasta
Hawthorne Valley Farm
Cert. Organic, Biodynamic, and AWA approved dairy, meats & vegetables
Hickory Ledges Distillery
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Hoeffner Farms
Potted Plants & Vegetables
Holy Schmitt's Horseradish
Homemade Horseradish
Hot Bread Kitchen
Non-Profit. Breads & Baked Goods
Hudson Valley Duck
Whole, Parts & Cured Products
Hudson Valley Organic
Sprouts, Micro Greens
James Durr Flowers
Plants, Flowers, Berries
Keith's Farm
Veggies, garlic & fruit
Knoll Krest Farm
Eggs & Fresh Pasta
Lani's Farm
Veggies & specialty greens
Lavender by the Bay
Fresh & dried lavender and related products
Locust Grove Fruit Farm
Orchard Fruit, Cider & Vegetables
Lynnhaven Goat Farm
Meat, Cheese & Yogurt
Martin's Pretzels
Hand-rolled Hard Pretzels
Migliorelli Farm
Vegetables, Orchard Fruit, Beer & other Value Added Products
Mountain Sweet Berry
Vegetables, Fruit, Potato Chips, and Frozen Fruit Pops
Northshire Farm
Veggies & Chicken Eggs
Norwich Meadows Farm
Vegetables, Eggs & Halal Chicken
Oak Grove Plantation
Vegetables, Orchard Fruits, Livestock Meats, & Flours
Orange County Distillery
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Our Daily Bread
Breads & Baked Goods. Gluten-free Options
PE&DD Seafood
Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Mollusks & Smoked Fish
Paffenroth Gardens
Pet-al Flowers
Potted Plants
Phillips Farm
Berries & Preserves Wed/Fri/Sat; Fruits & Vegetables on Mondays
Quattro's Game Farm
Eggs, livestock & poultry
River Garden
Dried & fresh flowers
Riverine Ranch
Water Buffalo meats & dairy
Roaming Acres Ostrich
Emu & Ostrich Eggs. Pork, Bison & Ostrich Meat
Ronnybrook Farms
Cow's Milk & Cow Dairy Products
Rose Meadow Farm
Cut Flowers
Row by Row Farm
Veggies, Fruit & Chicken Eggs
Runner & Stone
Breads made with Locally Grown Grains
Ryder Farm Organic
S&SO Produce Farms
Vegetables & Black Dirt Pickles and Sauces
Seatuck Fish Co.
Locally caught seafood
Shushan Hydroponic
Hydroponic Tomatoes, Herbs & Vegetables
Silva Orchids
Stokes Farm
Potted Plants, Vegetables & Herbs
Sycamore Farms
Vegetables & fruit
Tamarack Hollow
Organic Heirloom Vegetables, Pasture-raised Pork & Chicken Eggs
Terhune Orchards
Orchard Fruit & Baked Goods
Textile Recycling by WC
8am - 4pm (Mon & Sat only)
Tonjes Family Dairy
Cow's Milk & dairy products
Tremblay Apiaries
Raw Honey Varieties, Beeswax Candles & Bee Products
Two Guys from Woodbridge
Certified Organic Hydroponic Greens & Herbs
Union Square Grassman
Wheatgrass Plants & Juice, Micro green Shoots
Valley Shepherd
Pasture-raised Cow & Sheep's Milk Cheese Products
Van Houten Farms
Veggies, potted plants & Xmas trees
Violet Hill Farm
Pork, Chicken, Eggs, & Foraged Items.
Wildcraft Farms
Popcorn & kernels
Windfall Farms
Micro Greens, Vegetables, Berries & Chicken Eggs
Wood Homestead
Maple Syrup & eggs

Who's out today

Berried Treasures
Vegetables, Berries & Herbs
City Saucery
Tomato sauce & preserved tomatoes
Eco Shrimp Garden
Farm Raised Shrimp