Market Attendance for Sat, Sep 26 2020

Union Square Greenmarket, New York
Open year-round, 8 am - 6 pm, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat
Map for Saturdays (PDF)

Who's in today

Andrew's Local Honey
Raw Honey Varieties, NYC Rooftop Honey & Bee Products
Anthony Road Wine
Ardith Mae Farm
Goat Cheese
Berkshire Berries
Jams, Rooftop Honey, Maple Syrup
Beth's Farm Kitchen
Jams & Chutneys
Blue Oyster Cultivation
Cultivated Mushrooms
Body & Soul Bakeshop
Vegan Baked Goods. Gluten-free options
Bread Alone
Baked Goods. Cert/Organic Breads
Breezy Hill Orchard
Orchard Fruit, Hard Cider & Baked Goods
Bulich Mushroom Co.
Cultivated Mushrooms
Buzzard Crest
Grapes, Wine
Caradonna Farms
Vegetables & Orchard Fruits
Cato Corner Farm
Cow's Milk Cheeses
Catskill Merino
Merino wool, Sheepskins, Pasture-raised lamb and Sausage from Orange County, NY
Chateau Renaissance
Wine & Sparkling Wine from the Finger Lakes
City Saucery
Tomato sauce & preserved tomatoes
Composting by LESEC
Collecting Food Scraps & Selling Soil Mix
D'Attolico's Organic
Veggies, Fruit
Deep Mountain Maple
Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Syrup Products
Eckerton Hill Farm
Heirloom Tomatoes
Fantastic Gardens
Potted plants & herbs
Fantasy Fruit Farm
TriStar Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries
Flying Pigs Farm
Heritage pasture-raised Pork products, chicken & eggs
Furnace Creek Farm
Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Tisane
Gail’s Farm
Chicken Eggs, Mushrooms
Gorzynski Ornery Farm
Veggies, Fruit
Grazin' Angus Acres
Grassfed beef, heritage pork, pastured chicken & eggs, Whiskey
Grazin' Spirits
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Green Table Farms
Certified Organic Chicken
GrowNYC Grainstand
Whole grains, flour, beans, pasta
GrowNYC Grainstand Guest
Local Farm Breweries and Distilleries selling products made with local ingredients.
Hawthorne Valley Farm
Cert. Organic, Biodynamic, and AWA approved dairy, meats & vegetables
Hickory Ledges Distillery
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Hillrock Distillery
Whiskeys made with Locally Grown Products
Hoeffner Farms
Potted Plants & Vegetables
Holy Schmitt's Horseradish
Homemade Horseradish
Hudson Valley Duck
Whole, Parts & Cured Products
Hudson Valley Organic
Sprouts, Micro Greens
James Durr Flowers
Plants, Flowers, Berries
Josephine's Feast!
Preserves, Jams & Granola
Keith's Farm
Veggies, garlic & fruit
Kimchee Harvest
Kimchee Varieties
Knoll Krest Farm
Eggs & Fresh Pasta
Lani's Farm
Veggies & specialty greens
Lavender by the Bay
Fresh & dried lavender and related products
Locust Grove Fruit Farm
Orchard Fruit, Cider & Vegetables
Lucky Dog Organic
Cert/Organic Vegetables
Luna Family Farm
Flowers, Cut
Lynnhaven Goat Farm
Meat, Cheese & Yogurt
Martin's Pretzels
Hand-rolled Hard Pretzels
Migliorelli Farm
Vegetables, Orchard Fruit, Beer & other Value Added Products
Millport Dairy
Cow's Milk Cheeses, Eggs & Meat Products
Mountain Sweet Berry
Vegetables, Fruit, Potato Chips, and Frozen Fruit Pops
Norwich Meadows Farm
Vegetables, Eggs & Halal Chicken
Oak Grove Plantation
Vegetables, Orchard Fruits, Livestock Meats, & Flours
Off The Wheat
Baked Goods, All GF, Vegan Options, KETO Bakery
Orange County Distillery
Distilled Spirits made with Locally Grown Products
Our Daily Bread
Breads & Baked Goods. Gluten-free Options
PE&DD Seafood
Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Mollusks & Smoked Fish
PetAl Flowers
Potted Plants
Phillips Farm
Berries & Preserves Wed/Fri/Sat; Fruits & Vegetables on Mondays
Quarton Farm
Vegetables & beans
Quattro's Game Farm
Eggs, livestock & poultry
River Garden
Dried & fresh flowers
Riverine Ranch
Water Buffalo meats & dairy
Roaming Acres Ostrich
Emu & Ostrich Eggs. Pork, Bison & Ostrich Meat
Rooted Family Farm at Windfall
Micro Greens, Vegetables, Berries & Chicken Eggs
Rose Meadow Farm
Cut Flowers
Row by Row Farm
Veggies, Fruit & Chicken Eggs
Runner & Stone
Breads made with Locally Grown Grains
S&SO Produce Farms
Vegetables & Black Dirt Pickles and Sauces
Seatuck Fish Co.
Locally caught seafood
Silva Orchids
Stokes Farm
Potted Plants, Vegetables & Herbs
Sycamore Farms
Vegetables & fruit
Terhune Orchards
Orchard Fruit & Baked Goods
Tonjes Family Dairy
Cow's Milk & dairy products
Tremblay Apiaries
Raw Honey Varieties, Beeswax Candles & Bee Products
Tweefontein Farm
Herbal Tinctures, Salves & Pesto
Two Guys from Woodbridge
Certified Organic Hydroponic Greens & Herbs
Union Square Grassman
Wheatgrass Plants & Juice, Micro green Shoots
Valley Shepherd
Pasture-raised Cow & Sheep's Milk Cheese Products
Van Houten Farms
Veggies, potted plants & Xmas trees
Violet Hill Farm
Pork, Chicken, Eggs, & Foraged Items.
Walnut Hill Farm
Cured Pork
Wildcraft Farms
Popcorn & kernels

Who's out today

Shushan Hydroponic
Hydroponic Tomatoes, Herbs & Vegetables